I just woke up like this revisited.

Today’s blog is actually a follow on from last week. I wrote this blog the very same day just a little later hence the wording, hope you enjoy and it brings you the comfort that better day’s are only hours away.

Its me again!! After this morning’s blog I felt it necessary to come back to you with an overview of how the day panned out.
Not something I usually do but have decided that when I have days as tough as today I think it’s definitely a good idea.
This morning’s blog was a tough one but one I needed to write and share, it’s proof that no matter how together we think we’ve got it it’s completely normal to slip back for a moment. As soon as this happened I forced myself to pull out my laptop and start writing to try and release it. I was completely alone and had no one around to talk to so writing was a really good alternative.
I had planned to visit my mum later on in the morning but honestly could have cancelled, I really had to force myself to go. When I have a bad day all I want to do is hide myself away and wallow in my own self pity. In the moment you feel like that is what you need but it’s 100 per cent not!!!
If I had remained on my own for the rest of today even with writing the blog I would have fallen deeper in to the depression and honestly would have struggled to come out of it, thus setting me back for what I imagine would be a few day’s. Having got out and eventually opening up to my mum like I did on the blog to you guys, I was able to get a little more perspective on the situation. It also gave me that feeling of support and reminded me that I am not on my own. These are all such important tools to helping us get through these really tough moments, and that’s what you’ve got to remember, they are just moments, if you talk to some one and even write it down it will help, you have to fight against the feeling of wanting to wallow and being alone, it’s not what you need. Our lives are definitely worth fighting for no matter how tough it gets. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, you’ve just got to keep putting one foot in front of the other till you reach it.
This morning I wouldn’t have been able to say any of this too you because I honestly felt like it was all useless and a waste of time, but just in the space of a few hours my mood has lifted and I am able to see the light peering through. This is a great example of what talking can achieve, today could have ended so differently and it scares me to think where it could have led, but I pushed through it and now I am able to sit here and write to you with positivity and happiness and also a sense of achievement because all to often we focus on the fact its been a bad day rather than look at it as the day I found the strength to fight back and come out the other side.
Like me you also have that strength within and you can fight back, I believe in us all.

Published by A Work In Progress

My name is Natalie, I am a 30 something year old wife and mum of two children and one cheeky dachshund called Winston. I am a Mental Health Blogger and aspiring motivational speaker. It was May of 2019 that I decided to set up my website A Work in Progress, to create a blog based primarily on the subject of Mental Health. I chose to call myself and my website A work in Progress because after so many years of trying to seek perfection, living with extreme Anxiety and Depression has really helped me to realise that the something I was looking for simply didn’t exist. No one is perfect nor will they ever be, we continuously evolve and grow through the different experiences we have and the hurdles we encounter, thus making perfect versions of exactly who we are at that time in our lives. The intention with my blog is to inspire other’s and help them through the tough times, whilst drawing awareness to a subject that still does not get enough attention. Over the last few years I myself have struggled with Mental Health illnesses, specifically Anxiety and Depression. I first began writing as a way of helping myself to deal with my illness. It allowed me to express how I felt in detail and in turn allowed me to process my thoughts and figure out how best to manage and deal with them. I hope to spread a little more kindness into a world that doesn’t always feel very kind. I believe it is so important to recognise the colossal impact kind words can have and remove the perception that we should aspire to be like someone else rather than be happy with who we are. I want to share my experiences with others, to show that although tough and a journey that takes time, it is possible to reach the lowest point in your life and come out the other side.

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