“Isolation helped me become Vegetarian”

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Welcome to week 3 of my blog mini-series
“Isolation made me do it”.

I would like to start this blog by sending love and prayers to all, in this incredibly scary time that we are currently living through.
I would like to make it clear that these posts are in no way trying to make light of Covid 19 and the colossal and devastating impact it continues to have on so many lives.
Writing is something that helps me to get through the tough times, and documenting the things I have been doing and experiencing through this time has been a huge help to my maintaining a healthy state of mind.
The intention is to help others and hopefully create some happiness and positivity in these dark times if only for a moment.

This blog is not in any way preaching about what people should or shouldn’t eat…. It is absolutely the choice of the individual and what you feel is best for you. I am simply sharing my own personal journey and in no way trying to influence or encourage you to follow in my footsteps.

Becoming vegetarian

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Becoming vegetarian was never really something I had ever considered if I am honest. I have always loved to eat meat whether it be with a roast dinner, on a pizza and of course takeaway curries or simply fast food options like McDonald’s. Going through the journey that I have with my Mental Health, I have learnt a lot about myself but also, I have learnt to listen to my body. Over the last 6 months I had started to notice that my body didn’t really respond well to certain meats specifically red meat and so I decided to slowly cut it out. I thought that I would miss it and like my husband I didn’t think it would be long before I was giving in to spaghetti bolognaise or the occasional lamb shank, but actually I was able to manage it very easily and didn’t seem to be missing it at all.
It was at this point that I decided to reduce my consumption of meat in general…. I had been reading and taking in a lot of information and wanted to try and eat less, and introduce meals that are more plant-based.

The benefit’s I have found becoming a vegetarian.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Before making this transition, I felt stuck in the habit of cooking the same selection of meals week in week out!
I often felt that the food I was eating was becoming boring and mundane and I wasn’t really enjoying what I was consuming, Basically feeling like I was just eating because it was that time of the day again. I believe this to be another one of the contributing factors to why I would constantly be looking for the sugary sweet treats after every meal.
It was during this time that i realised by becoming a vegetarian i was forced to be a little more adventurous with the meals I was now cooking, I found myself searching and seeking for new and exciting recipes to cook. I can honestly say it has been such a great change and the food I have been eating has had much more flavour and depth to it and I haven’t once missed the meat from my meals.
Don’t get me wrong I am by no means suggesting meals with meat lack flavour or depth because that is definitely not the case, it is simply that I had become lazy with the food I was making and becoming vegetarian forced me to change that.

Recipes and meat alternatives I have enjoyed cooking and eating.

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

Here i would like to share with you just a couple of recipes i have been enjoying and a few of my favourite meat alternatives.

• Vegan chickpea curry jacket potatoes

•Beyond meat Beyond burger
I purchased this specific burgers from Tesco’s supermarket in the UK, and am not sure if they are available outside of the UK

• Satay sweet potato curry

• Quorn Fillets
I purchased these from a supermarket in the UK, and am not sure if they are available outside of the UK

• Quorn Sausages
I purchased these from a supermarket in the UK, and am not sure if they are available outside of the UK

• Vegan allsorts sweets

To name but a few. I am continuously discovering new and delicious recipes and meat free alternatives everyday.
If you have any recipes that you want to share please do so in the comments section below, I would love to receive them and give them a try.

Is it forever?

I believe that being in quarantine and away from the temptations of fast food, restaurants and convenience stores has made my transition to becoming a vegetarian a lot easier. As it stands I have no interest in eating meat again and it is definitely something that I would like to maintain once quarantine ends. On the other hand I am very aware that this may become slightly more challenging once it does, but I am definitely determined and will keep you updated on this journey once we are out of quarantine and back to some sort or “Normal” again.

Question(s) of the week

• Has Isolation encouraged you to try something new?

• What are your favourite Vegetarian recipes to cook?

Share a smile not a judgemental


Lead with kindness


Published by A Work In Progress

My name is Natalie, I am a 30 something year old wife and mum of two children and one cheeky dachshund called Winston. I am a Mental Health Blogger and aspiring motivational speaker. It was May of 2019 that I decided to set up my website A Work in Progress, to create a blog based primarily on the subject of Mental Health. I chose to call myself and my website A work in Progress because after so many years of trying to seek perfection, living with extreme Anxiety and Depression has really helped me to realise that the something I was looking for simply didn’t exist. No one is perfect nor will they ever be, we continuously evolve and grow through the different experiences we have and the hurdles we encounter, thus making perfect versions of exactly who we are at that time in our lives. The intention with my blog is to inspire other’s and help them through the tough times, whilst drawing awareness to a subject that still does not get enough attention. Over the last few years I myself have struggled with Mental Health illnesses, specifically Anxiety and Depression. I first began writing as a way of helping myself to deal with my illness. It allowed me to express how I felt in detail and in turn allowed me to process my thoughts and figure out how best to manage and deal with them. I hope to spread a little more kindness into a world that doesn’t always feel very kind. I believe it is so important to recognise the colossal impact kind words can have and remove the perception that we should aspire to be like someone else rather than be happy with who we are. I want to share my experiences with others, to show that although tough and a journey that takes time, it is possible to reach the lowest point in your life and come out the other side.

6 thoughts on ““Isolation helped me become Vegetarian”

  1. Love this mini blog ❤

    I am very much a meat lover and veg scares me I must admit! Texture is a phobia of mine, but the chickpea curry sounds amazing and will certainly be giving that a try. Will let you know how I get on with it.

    Something I have tried during lockdown is being more brave with being makeup free. It’s so easy to hide behind a mask of makeup and feel secure, because people can’t see the real you. I can honestly say I actually feel more free, and feel more careless about what people think about how I look naturally.

    Love your blogs ❤ Please keep them coming 😀 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, i am so glad you are enjoying my blog’s!

      The chickpea curry is definitely a fav of mine, its so delicious!
      Yes please let me know if you make it and what you think of it, I would love to know.

      I myself am a huge lover of makeup and am rarely seen without it, so I definitely no where you are coming from. Its so great that you have managed to re gain the confidence to be makeup free and feel confident in doing so, learning to care less and let go of the opinions of others is a huge thing to overcome, you should be really proud of yourself! 💚❤️


  2. Being a vegetarian for two and a half years now, i have seen so many benefits of not eating meat! I honestly don’t think I could go back to eating meat, the thought of it makes me feel a little bit sick!

    Liked by 1 person

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