The last resort.

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Disclaimer: This is NOT an AD or paid post; I have chosen to write about this subject based on the life changing outcome of my own personal experience with Curative Hypnotherapy.

Anger sets in and it all becomes too much.

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My Anxiety and Depression had reached an all-time low, Things had really started to spiral and I was no longer feeling any control over my own state of mind.  The bad days were every day and there was no longer a break from it.  I had become pretty much house bound, not even managing to do the school run. I had stopped attending any events or get togethers, it was becoming clear the more I didn’t do, the worse I felt and so things just continued to spiral more and more until I felt I’d lost all control.

I remember there being mornings that both my mum and my mother in law would come around just to try and encourage me to at least get dressed.

In those moments I remember feeling utterly exhausted, so low and becoming extremely angry, angry because: –

  • The Anxiety and the Depression I felt had taken my life away,
  • I was allowing it to consume me and was no longer able to control it.
  • I couldn’t stop it, nor could I figure out why I felt the way I did.

Not feeling in control of my own mind and not knowing the reason as to why, is just the worst.  In that moment I felt like I had completely lost my mind and gone crazy.  I felt numb, I had no emotion towards anyone or anything, the only feeling I felt was complete hate for myself and the non-existent life I was now stuck living.

I can’t go on like this.

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The depression seemed to creep in very suddenly, it almost felt like it went from bad to worse overnight.  Suicide was fast becoming my main focus, and what I believed to be my only way out.

I had been prescribed different medication to help with my depression, but they were a complete fail for me personally. (Medication for a lot of people is a very effective way of managing depression, this post is based on a personal experience and you should never just discount or stop taking any prescribed medication without consulting a doctor first.) I am very sensitive to any type of medication and always have been, I don’t really know why but anti-depressants were no longer an option for me. As far as my Anxiety, I had been going to CBT, but again I wasn’t noticing any significant difference and when things began to spiral at an unbelievable rate, I stopped leaving the house altogether, I was no longer making it to the appointments. I felt like there was no hope. I didn’t want to be here anymore and simply exist as this depressive and anxious being. I couldn’t go on like this, the life I was now stuck in wasn’t in my mind worth living because I wasn’t actually living anymore, I was simply just existing in the background.

How I found Hypnotherapy.

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Previous to the depression I had mentioned to my husband about hypnotherapy, I had read some really great reviews online about people like myself that had suffered with mental health illnesses and had used hypnotherapy as an alternative to the other traditional routes such as CBT and medication.  

When my mental health started to deteriorate and seemed that nothing else was working, it was my husband who then began his search for a hypnotherapist.

He had to take into account that travel was not an option, anything more than 10 minutes in the car wasn’t going to happen, it really restricted and narrowed the search down.

It wasn’t long before he came across a man called Keith Gullis, He was A Curative Hypnotherapist, only 10 minutes down the road and with the most fantastic reviews.

He claimed and I quote “Curative Hypnotherapy is an advanced form of hypnotherapy that gets to the root cause of the issue and removes it completely and permanently”.

He displayed a long list of illnesses, symptoms and addictions that he said he’d be able to dispose of!  Honestly to me it all sounded a little too good to be true, but my husband went ahead and booked my first session with him, because to put it simply at this point anything was worth a try.

Getting me to the session was the biggest hurdle and even just getting me out of the car was a battle, once there it was a struggle keeping me there, because the anxiety was at an all-time high! Finally, inside and having met Keith I sat down, I needed to try to relax a little, which of course for an anxious person feels like a near on impossible tasks. What makes it worse was specifically for me waiting around is a big trigger and ultimately that is what we were doing, just sitting and waiting. At first, I remember thinking that this is pointless, there is absolutely no way that I am going to relax enough in this stranger’s room for them to hypnotise me,…but to my surprise I did! He assured me that there was no pressure and that I could take as long as I needed. Honestly, I have never met or been around a person that has made me feel as calm and as safe as he did. He made me feel like I wasn’t at all crazy as I had previously convinced myself.

I went in in such a state and within 10 minutes of just sitting in the same room as him I was able to calm myself down enough to be able to talk through what had been going on.

I still at this point wasn’t convinced that hypnotherapy would work for me or that he would even Manage to hypnotise me, in fact the idea of it really scared me, but the outcome of just a few sessions has been completely life changing!

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I believe most of us have this preconceived idea of what we think Hypnotherapy is, me included, but actually I am more than happy to admit that I was completely wrong. Curative Hypnotherapy is something I am so passionate about promoting as an alternative therapy because it did what I believed to be impossible…… it brought me back from my lowest point in the space of 3 or 4 sessions and gave me the belief that despite what has been otherwise suggested I can eventually dispose of my Anxiety forever! 

Next weeks blog will be Written by The Wonderful Keith Gullis, I approached him to see if he would be interested in writing a post that could explain exactly what Curative Hypnotherapy is and how it works and he so very kindly agreed!

I can’t wait for you to read his post and hope that by reading this mini series it will provide the reassurance that there’s always hope and a light to lead us out of our darkest times. 

Share a smile not a judgement


Lead with kindness


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