I just woke up like this!

Having gone through different types of therapy and taking the prescribed medication for my anxiety and depression and seeing such colossal changes in a very short amount of time, people begin to assume that you are “cured”, and just like that life can return to “normal” again……………… how disappointing it is when they realise, you’reContinue reading “I just woke up like this!”

The past belongs in the past.

Sometimes you sit and wonder how your life got to this point, even questioning the choices that you’ve made in the past, wondering if you had done some things differentlywould it still have all turned out this way? The answer to this is that we will never know what could have been, and that ifContinue reading “The past belongs in the past.”

You are always enough.

Everyone strives for happiness, no one longs to be miserable, but strangely all expectations are lost when you’re sad and you see situations for what they are. You speak more honestly, and you stop being so afraid because in moments of your deepest sadness you feel as though you have nothing to loose. You goContinue reading “You are always enough.”

Decision making and depression.

Decision making is something we all have to do on a daily basis, weather it be small like choosing what meal to cook or what clothes to wear or something bigger like taking the new job or buying a house, whatever the decision, you do it based on clear judgement and all the different elementsContinue reading “Decision making and depression.”

The reason behind the blogs.

I wanted blog #3 to give you a little more in site into why I wanted to create a blog in the first place, and also share a little of my experience with mental health. Ultimately my goal is to bring more awareness but also support to people with any type of mental health issue.Continue reading “The reason behind the blogs.”

Kindness is the key to happiness.

Life is a journey that we all take but no ones journey is the same. All that you go through, see, hear, smell and touch is creating an opportunity to learn something. I am only just now in my 30’s realising what my biggest lesson is, only now can I see it and really understandContinue reading “Kindness is the key to happiness.”