Trying something new!

Isolation update. We currently find ourselves in somewhat uncertain and rather unsettling times. When lockdown was initially enforced and Corona Virus was officially classified as a world pandemic, I like many others found it to be an all new trigger for Anxiety and a large contribution to low mood and Depression. I began allowing allContinue reading “Trying something new!”

Routine and Mental Health.

I wanted to write a blog that spoke specifically about routine. I am unsure if it is the same for all that have Anxiety.  I know certainly for me, that having a routine really helps me manage and maintain my mental health. It’s basically a safety net that keeps my anxiety at bay and helpsContinue reading “Routine and Mental Health.”

Happiness and what makes us Grateful?

As you know I mostly write when I am sad, which makes it sound like I must always be miserable, but that’s honestly not the case anymore, as time moves forward and so I gain more and more control over my anxiety and depression I feel that I am able to write from a muchContinue reading “Happiness and what makes us Grateful?”

A lesson learnt in a dream.

This blog is ultimately inspired by a dream I had recently. It was one of those dreams that felt so real, had it not have been so far-fetched I may have actually believed it had happened. The reason I have chosen to write a blog about this is because I really feel that it carriedContinue reading “A lesson learnt in a dream.”