2022 reflection and the start of a new year.

Welcome back! At the end of every year, I would always set myself new goals/resolutions for the year ahead and I’m sure like many rarely manage to complete more than one thing on the list. The intention is always there but it just never seems to happen!  Going into 2023 I started to question whyContinue reading “2022 reflection and the start of a new year.”

Curative Hypnotherapy and how it works.

Introduction Hi my name is Keith Gullis, welcome. Before we move on to the post I just wanted to share a little info about me and my back story. I’ve had a wide variety of jobs prior to becoming a Curative Hypnotherapist, all of which, to a large degree, were customer facing and roles whereContinue reading “Curative Hypnotherapy and how it works.”

A new mini-series.

Welcome back to my blog! I am so excited to be sharing with you the news of a new mini-series, I am a little more excited than usual as it is focused on a subject, I am extremely passionate about, based on my own personal experience with it. The topic for this Mini-series will be CurativeContinue reading “A new mini-series.”