Happiness and what makes us Grateful?

As you know I mostly write when I am sad, which makes it sound like I must always be miserable, but that’s honestly not the case anymore, as time moves forward and so I gain more and more control over my anxiety and depression I feel that I am able to write from a muchContinue reading “Happiness and what makes us Grateful?”

A lesson learnt in a dream.

This blog is ultimately inspired by a dream I had recently. It was one of those dreams that felt so real, had it not have been so far-fetched I may have actually believed it had happened. The reason I have chosen to write a blog about this is because I really feel that it carriedContinue reading “A lesson learnt in a dream.”

Anxiety, triggers and the effect they have.

There are many things that trigger my anxiety. Some may be the same as you but also could be nothing like them, different triggers for different people. Nonetheless I thought I’d share one my many triggers as a bit of insight as to the effects it has and the way it makes me feel. SoContinue reading “Anxiety, triggers and the effect they have.”

I just woke up like this revisited.

Today’s blog is actually a follow on from last week. I wrote this blog the very same day just a little later hence the wording, hope you enjoy and it brings you the comfort that better day’s are only hours away. Its me again!! After this morning’s blog I felt it necessary to come backContinue reading “I just woke up like this revisited.”

I just woke up like this!

Having gone through different types of therapy and taking the prescribed medication for my anxiety and depression and seeing such colossal changes in a very short amount of time, people begin to assume that you are “cured”, and just like that life can return to “normal” again……………… how disappointing it is when they realise, you’reContinue reading “I just woke up like this!”

The past belongs in the past.

Sometimes you sit and wonder how your life got to this point, even questioning the choices that you’ve made in the past, wondering if you had done some things differentlywould it still have all turned out this way? The answer to this is that we will never know what could have been, and that ifContinue reading “The past belongs in the past.”

You are always enough.

Everyone strives for happiness, no one longs to be miserable, but strangely all expectations are lost when you’re sad and you see situations for what they are. You speak more honestly, and you stop being so afraid because in moments of your deepest sadness you feel as though you have nothing to loose. You goContinue reading “You are always enough.”